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    Established in the year 2002, BSA Logistics is a new-age, innovative supply chain service provider with specialization in handling multimodal project logistics. We have delivered world-class, end-to-end logistics solutions and fostered meaningful relationships with stakeholders over the years by reinventing our outlook on supply network solutions. This has enabled BSA Logistics to create a fast and efficient logistics network, tailored to client’s needs while ensuring seamless, safe and secure passage of goods.

    Having executed 143+ projects flawlessly in various industries viz. Cement, Metallurgical, Oil & Gas, Power, Hydro Power- E&M, Steel & Sugar, Fertilizers, Chemicals, Refineries and Engineering, ourlogistics company has gained a strong foothold in the supply chain trade through the years.

    “You Call, We Deliver!” is the motto of BSA Logistics which brings out our proactive approach for accomplishing quick and efficient conveyance of goods. We are defined by our values and differentiated by our culture!

    For us, logistics involves a lot more than just simple exchange of goods. It demands meticulously tailored solutions and a perfectly synchronized transportation facility that is guaranteed to give a decisive head start and major competitive edge to our clients.


    As a leading logistics company, we create game-changing opportunities for our clientele by providing innovative supply chain solutions which are reliable, safe and efficient. Our ultimate goal is to be a one-stop destination for global logistics services. We endeavor to become a global industry leader while keeping up with the administrations at affordable costs. Coming up with custom logistics solutions with a personalized approach, we deliver solutions beyond our clients' expectations that fit the ever-changing business environment.

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    about image


    Coming together is the beginning, keeping together is progress and working together is success. We live and breathe this approach in business, challenging convention and driving innovation with our futuristic outlook. We strive to create digitally-enabled, well-planned logistics magic to deliver clients with world-class solutions. Partnering with us, you can rest assured that your cargo is in the safe hands.


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    Shri Sandeep Aggarwal

    “Excellence in everything , is what we strive for”

    BSA Logistics, co-founded by Shri. Sandeep Aggarwal and vision was defined in 2022 of becoming one of the trusted transporters in road transportation. Main strategy was to grow BSA Logistics under the gratification of eminence clienteles that got successful after long years of hard work, dedication and optimization of key to key points of logistics world. Keeping flexibility, connectivity and the ability to rapidly response became the key competitiveness for us .

    BSA Logistics always focus on the motto “ You Call – We Deliver “